Multi-National Award Winning Timbercraft

In 1996 Timbercraft was awarded their first T.F.B.A. Gold Medal for extensions and alterations.

Since then they have gone on to win the Bronze Medal in 1999, another Gold in 2000 and the double in 2001, winning the T.F.B.A. Gold and Silver medals for excellence in their categories.

Gold followed again in 2005, Silver in 2006, Gold in 2007 and Bronze in 2012.
2015 Has been a great year with Timbercraft receiving both Silver and Gold.
2015’s success was followed up with another gold in 2016. Still going strong with a Bronze Award in 2019.


decades of success

Gold Award 1996
Bronze Award 1999
Gold Award 2000
Gold Award 2001 certificates
Gold Award 2001
Silver Award 2001
Gold Award 2005
Silver Award 2006
Gold Award 2007
Bronze Award 2012
Silver Award 2015
Gold Award 2015
Gold Award 2016
Bronze Award 2019

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